Honey labelling and composition

Honey labelling laws are a mandatory requirement when selling honey. Doesn’t apply for honey sold at fund-raising events or given as gifts.

The Food Standards Code states the following must appear on a label

  • Name and/or description of the food – ‘Honey’
  • Identification of the lot number for recall purposes – typically the harvest, extraction or packing date
  • Business name and street address
  • List of ingredients e.g. 100% honey.
  • Nutrition information panel
  • Country of origin – kangaroo logo, bar chart and text (packages with surface area less than 100cm2 may omit the kangaroo and bar chart)
  • Weight

Link for labels online tool.


nutrition label

Link for kangaroo logo, bar chart and text label can be produced using an online tool.

Made in Australia label

Don’t forget safety seals.


Link to a printer that specializes in honey labels. Provides all the info you need to design your own labels.

Honey Label Cheat Sheet 3.1 (filesusr.com)


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