Beekeeping Pollen Traps


Beekeeping pollen traps

For 10 frame bee hives.

5 Pollen Traps = $ 145

10 Pollen Traps = $ 270

20 Pollen Traps = $ 499

Collect your own fresh pollen which is a high in demand super food.

Beekeeping pollen traps go at the entrance. The bees go through the grate and the pollen is removed and drops into the tray for collection.

The entrance to trap is adjustable ( small bull dog clip or clothes peg ). This allows bees to collect pollen which they store and make bee bread out of. ( Nectar is what they make honey from. )

When you decide you want to collect pollen take the bulldog clip/clothes peg off, it’s that easy. Pollen is caught when bees enter hive and is collected in a lower tray which you slide out. Size of tray 32 cm x 5 cm x 6 cm. When full weight of pollen just under 1 kg.

The plastic grate ensures bees are not harmed entering beehive. 100% weather proof plastic will last for years.

The pollen tray is ventilated. Easily slides out. Beware of buying factory rejects elsewhere where the pollen tray is bent. These are A grade.

Sell your pollen and these units will return your money in no time. W.A. pollen retails at $140 kg! That is if you can buy it, often it is out of stock. That tells me demand exceeds supply. Sells all year round. Think outside the box, literally. Why just sell honey? $$$$$$

Pollen is consumed as a health food. Often put on fresh fruit at breakfast time. Delicious and nutritious this is a wonder food.

Don’t leave it too late, get these now while I have them in stock and reap a full harvest.


Retail price per pollen box $89.90 elsewhere.

Free shipping anywhere in Australia. Pick up available Forrestfield W.A.

Order online or ring Gordon 0416 348566



This is a good video on setting up Nicot.


Here’s an interesting vid re pollen.



***************************************ESPAÑOL*****************************************Es la época de recolección del polen de abeja, por ello compartimos este video donde podrán observar todo el proceso desde el principio. Esperamos que este año, si aún no conocen este producto, puedan probar el autentico sabor de la flora silvestre española. Recuerden demandar siempre calidad de productos apícolas 100% ORIGEN ESPAÑOL.Si usted está buscando productos apícolas de primera calidad y origen español, Apicasfer, S.L. es la empresa lider en el sector, contacte con nosotros en el Tlf: +34 923 288 890 o en el mail:****************************************ENGLISH*****************************************It is the season of bee pollen harvest, we want to share with you this video in which you can discover the process from the beginning. We hope this year, if have not discovered this product yet, you can taste the real flavor of the Spanish wild flowers.Remember always demand 100% SPANISH ORIGIN bee products.If you are looking for first quality and spanish origin bee products, Apicasfer, S.L. is the leader company, contact us on the Tlf: +34 923 288 890 or e-mail:

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