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What size extractor should I buy?

We recommend purchasing the largest extractor your budget will allow taking into account future requirements. For 1 – 2 hives, a 2 frame extractor should suffice. 3 + hives to 10 hives a 4 frame. 10 – 15  hives a 6 frame and 15 hives + 8 or larger frame.

Why are you so cheap, is there something wrong with these extractors?

No, not at all. Firstly we store the extractors in 40’ sea containers, not needing to pay expensive commercial rent. We deal with over 20 different suppliers and use our buying expertise to get the right extractors, at the right price where savings are passed onto the consumer.

What if I have a problem with my goods?

Just ring us 0416 348566 and we should be able to sort the problem out for you.

What if I start my extractor and the engine overheats?

Under normal operating conditions the motor should run cool. Overheating is a sign that the extension cord has a fault or the unit isn’t plugged in properly.

How long does it take to extract the honey?

About 15 minutes. Variables are the viscosity of the honey and speed of extraction.

What is the recommended R.P.M. I should set the variable speed at?

Start slowly and gradually increase speed until you see through the plexiglass that the honey is being separated from the foundation. Be careful not to spin too fast as beeswax foundation will break apart. Make sure you return the frames to the same hive they came out of. Generally a speed of 60 R.P.M. should suffice.

What size suit/jacket should I choose?

Allow 1 size larger than your normal street clothes.

What is 3 mesh?

3 layers of material which allow breeze and keep the user cool but provide protection against bees.

I don’t know much about bees where do I learn?

Join a local bee club is a great idea. Also do self research using Youtube, Facebook etc.

If I pick my extractor up is it cheaper?

Yes. Ring 0416 348566 for details. Forrestfield W.A.

What assembly do I have to do?

Fit the legs and the honey gate. The motor and other parts are already assembled.

Will you be bringing out more products?

Yes. We are always looking for new innovative products and search the world.

Do your prices include G.S.T.?

Yes. Tax Invoice supplied.

Is my payment safe?

Totally. Stripe is a payment encryption system used world wide by many websites.

How soon after payment do you ship the goods?

The business day when payment confirmation is received we put together your order and contact Star Track who pick up usually the next business day. Depending on where you live you should receive your extractor within a few days.

What are the best features of your extractors?

  • Stainless steel honey gate, not nylon.
  • Powerful direct drive motors suitable for Australian electric supply. 12 months replacement warranty on motor and switch gear, providing there has been no alteration by the consumer. i.e. cutting off the earth pin.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Thick wall to bowl.
  • Takes all size frames including the most popular, full depth Langstroth.
  • Minimal assembly.
  • Budget priced for a quality item with reliable after sales service.
  • Reversible direction.
  • Variable speed.
  • Free shipping.