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My site is for people who want to buy new beekeeping equipment at always below retail prices.

I’m pretty choosy in what I buy, I want quality and a bulk buy discount. My customers are about 25% hobby beekeepers who tend to want to stay at 4 to 10 hives. The rest are real go-getters, with big plans and quite frankly I reckon everyone of them will succeed.

A few are sitting on 300 + hives and should achieve 1000 + in 2 to 3 years. To help them along I keep at my agreed prices. Not just this year but in the next 2 to 3 years so they can achieve their goals. I deal with at least 3 Chinese companies every day regarding new innovations. It’s extremely time consuming and difficult, often I work throughout the night with no sleep. But it is up to me to make sure the products work, not the consumer. So I interact a lot with beekeepers to see what they want and what their complaints are re equipment. Then I see if I can improve on that.

I have sold heaps of extractors and suits/gloves and haven’t had any returned. That is a pleasant surprise. I wish you all well and quite frankly I hope you make a lot of money. You deserve it.

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