Nicot Queen Rearing. 110 Roller cages.


Nicot Queen Rearing. 110 Roller Cages.

Raise your own queens the easy way. Check out the vid below. This explains how to set up the kit right through to retrieving the new queen embryos. No grafting which has the potential of damaging the new queen. Save heaps of time.

With queens selling for as much as $ 45 +  each, rake in the dough with these kits capable of producing 110 queens at the one time. 110 queens !! Queens are always in high demand. Many breeders sell out every year. You only need to sell 2 queens to get your money back. Or keep the queens for yourself assured that you know the provenance.

Basic kits elsewhere only have 10 hair roller cages. What’s the good of that if you have 110 queens. My nicot jenter queen rearing kit has the full 110 roller cages. They are worth a buck each. You do the math. Yes over $ 200 worth of stuff and I just shot myself in the foot with the price. Again !! See it pays to check in every once and a while. I’ll leave the price as is.

Like everything we sell the roller cages are high quality. Keep the queen secured inside and introduce to the hive when re-queening. From the behaviour of the bees you can determine if the hive have accepted her after a few days. If all good release her. The roller cage you can reuse but it is best if you wash it out to remove pheromones.

All of the components are made from food grade high quality plastic that will last for years.

$89 only for all this , a real bargain. Free freight Australia wide. Pick up available Forrestfield W.A.

Buy 5 or more for $ 79 ea. Free freight Australia wide.

Order online or ring Gordon 0416 348566