Honey Strainer Double.


Honey Strainer Double.

Food Grade Stainless steel. 304.


Square holder 23 cm x 25 cm. Extends outwards to 41 cm.

Top strainer Width 23 cm. Height 15 cm. No. 18 mesh.

Lower strainer Width 23 cm. Height 9.5 cm. No. 25 mesh. Weight 800 gms.

Lower strainer advertised elsewhere is cheap 201 stainless steel that will rust. My strainer top and lower is 304, quality.

This strainer fits 10 and 20 litre plastic buckets.

How to use. After using the extractor set up the strainers under the honey gate with your honey bucket / honey tank.

Open the honey gate.

The strainers will separate the beeswax from the honey. After use clean strainer under hot water. Easy.

Beeswax can be used for making candles etc. It can also be used for coating plastic foundation. Use it for foundation for next seasons honey.

If you don’t want it , keep an eye out for buyers who will give you good $$$ for it.


Order online or ring Gordon 0416 348566


Beekeepers Starter Kit.

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