Beekeepers Uncapping Knife With Thermostat.


Beekeepers Uncapping Knife With Thermostat.


This is fast and easy way to remove beeswax cappings.

After you do that the frames are ready to go into the extractor.

Thermostat ensures constant temperature. Heats up within a minute. Vary the setting depending on the viscosity of the honey for smooth, easy uncapping. Uncapping knives without any temperature control heat up to maximum temperature every time. This can burn the honey during the uncapping process. Customers have reported back to us that the life span of these knives isn’t very long. Even the most expensive American brand at $ 300 has no thermostat. Go figure.

We have sold a heap of them and had none returned. They work as explained and are reliable. Prior to shipping we test every knife to make sure it works.

This tool is great where you have a number of frames to uncap. Saves a heap of time. Remember to put your stickies back into the same hive they came out of.

Video shows how it is done.


Stainless steel blade. Wooden handle. Quality product.

10 Amp. 220 – 240 Volt. 800 Watt. Australian plug factory fitted. 1.5 metre cord.

Operating temperatures from 110 – 160 Degrees Celsius.

Hour light indicators.

Blade length 250 mm. Overall length 440 mm. Uncaps Full Depth Langstroth frames in 1 easy motion. Suitable for Manley , Ideal , WSP and Half frames. Plastic or timber.

Easy to clean just wipe down with a wet rag.

We are very confident in the quality of these knives and we offer a full replacement 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Sent Aust Post , Express Post.



Buy 2 or more beekeepers uncapping knife with thermostat for $ 79 ea. Bargain.

Free freight Australia wide. Sent with Australia Post Express Post.

Order online or ring Gordon 0416 348566


Retail elsewhere from $ 199 – $ 255.

Beekeepers Starter Kit.