Beekeepers Large Smoker Stainless Steel ASBESTOS FREE


Beekeepers Large Smoker Stainless Steel.

Bellows tested at NATA laboratory and determined to be asbestos free.

Convenient hooks at front and rear. Hang it onto the hive. Use the hooks to hold it.

Heat safety cage.

Spark arrestor.

Overall height 31.5 cm. Barrel height 23 cm. Barrel diameter 10.4 cm.

This is a quality item. It will last you for years.

True and trusted. This type of smoker has been around for years.

This great smoker will keep the bees calm. Listen to their movements. Make sure the smoke goes directly onto them. Rather than attack , bees go to their food stores and work there when they are smoked out.

The retail on the same item elsewhere is $ 115.

Cost $ 35 ea. + Parcel Post $ 21. Express Post $ 29.

Add 108 fuel pellets for only $30. Made of herbs it will do no harm to bees. It can help calm bees. Each beekeeping smoker fuel pellet burns roughly 15 to 20 minutes. The safest fuel to use as it does not emit sparks. Available separately.

Pick up available FORRESTFIELD W.A. $35 ea.


Order online or ring Gordon 0416 348566