Timber Bee Hive Quality


Timber Bee Hive Quality

Price includes delivery anywhere in Australia.

Full depth Langstroth 10 frame. This is the biggest bee hive on the market. When full each supers frame will yield just over 3 kg of honey. Holds 10 frames in the supers and 10 frames in the brood. The top box, supers, is where the bees lay the honey and cap it with beeswax. The lower box is where the queen lives and lays embryos.


Now this is a bee hive !! Australian designed for Australian conditions. Proudly crafted from solid N.Z. pine. No veneer, M.D.F. or chipboard.

ROOF Large verandah overhang. 2 large ventilation slots at front , 2 at back. Galvanised steel lid.

VENTILATED SCREEN BOARD with quality 304 stainless steel wire. Sits between roof and supers. Prevents bees from laying burr comb in the roof cavity. Strong centre structural support.

SUPERS BOX Dovetail joints. Inbuilt lift handles. Accurate machining makes for easy assembly. 505 x 405 x 242 mm. 20 mm thick.

PLASTIC QUEEN EXCLUDER Easy to clean. Just freeze and shake.

BROOD BOX Dovetail joints. Inbuilt lift handles. Accurate machining makes for easy assembly. 505 x 405 x 260 mm. 20 mm thick. Extra deep by 18 mm so bees get extra clearance when they enter hive and don’t hit their head on the frames !!

ENTRANCE REDUCER Small strip of timber where bees enter. Adjustable allowing smaller entry in winter. Close off completely if moving hive.

LANDING STRIP At front of entrance reducer. Gives bees room to land before entering hive.

BASE BOARD with quality 304 stainless steel wire. Fully adjustable. Leave open during summer , close during winter.

Glue and screws not included.

Frames / Foundation / Pollen Trap / Bee Feeder all available separately.

Advantages of this bee hive. During Australia’s hot summer the fully adjustable base board and  slots in the lid allow for full and complete ventilation keeping the hive cool. If the hive has insufficient ventilation the embryos die off. Well designed and crafted gives the bees every opportunity to maintain a strong hive and promotes maximum yield of honey and pollen.

Flat pack. Easy assembly. Nails / glue / frames / foundation not included. Ready to paint , stain or varnish.


Timber Bee Hive Pick up available Forrestfield W.A.  $ 149 each. My breeder has Italian bred , nice yellow, very placid in a corflute nuc for the bargain price of $ 150. Nucs this year average price for a good lot $ 250. Buy the bee hive and I will give you the details.


Questions ?? Ring me Gordon 0416 348566. I can tailor a bee hive to suit your needs and budget.


Now we have the bee hive sorted we now need to add frames and foundation. These are the options.

1. Fixed plastic / foundation. In beeswax and yellow colours. https://www.beeequipmentaustralia.com.au/product/plastic-frame/

You will need to melt beeswax in a frying pan ( don’t boil ) and apply with a paint brush or roller.

2. Unassembled timber frames. https://www.beeequipmentaustralia.com.au/product/frames-timber-beekeeping-quality/

Add plastic foundation , ventilated https://www.beeequipmentaustralia.com.au/product/beekeepers-plastic-foundation/ or unventilated


You will need to melt beeswax in a frying pan ( don’t boil ) and apply with a paint brush or roller.


3. Wired timber frames


This 10 frame bee hive needs 10 frames / foundation in the top box , called a supers , and another 10 in the bottom box called a brood…all up 20 frames/foundation. Then you are ready to go.

What’s best???  Some beekeepers prefer natural wax but the disadvantage is it can get destroyed when extracting honey and therefore needs to be replaced. Others prefer the fixed plastic frame / foundation as there is no assembly required. The ventilated foundation is a top performer and the unassembled frames are easy to construct. The unventilated foundation is a cheaper option.