Full depth Langstroth for Australian timber frames with top and bottom grooves. Size 425 mm x 212 mm. Cell size 5.4 mm as per usual for Apis Mellifera bees. ( To calculate measure across 10 cells and divide by 10 )

Since introduction approximately 20 years ago beekeepers plastic foundation has remained unchanged. New ventilated type now available.

Now we introduce plastic injection moulded plastic foundation where the hexagons are hollow, totally see through.

This has been field tested in China, Korea and Australia and has proven to be a great success. We are now field testing this Australia wide in order to get comparative data.

Results so far have shown that the ventilated ( hollow ) hexagons allow bees to communicate on both sides ( Bees communicate by doing a waggle dance ) and they draw comb faster than the conventional plastic type. The result is faster honey production. Bees communicate by doing a waggle dance. Makes sense doesn’t it ??

Made of 100% food grade poly propylene plastic.

Easy to clean , just power wash them down with a hose.

Expected lifespan 10 + years.

Requires wax to be applied as per usual , but due to the hollow hexagons less wax is required.

  1. Hot dip or
  2.  Heat wax in frying pan , but don’t boil. Apply wax with a small paint roller or paint brush..

Cost including freight anywhere in Australia

10 units  = $ 48 = $ 4.80 each delivered.

20 units  = $ 78 = $ 3.90 each delivered.

50 units  = $ 186.50 = $ 3.73 each delivered.

100 units  = $ 355 = $ 3.55 each delivered.

200 units  = $ 668 = $ 3.34 each delivered.

500 units  = $ 1500 = $ 3.00 each delivered.



20 ‘ 60,000 units    40’ 126,000 units P.O.A.


Pick up also available 20 Helidor Pl FORRESTFIELD W.A. Any quantity $ 3 ea.

Colour as per pics. Timber frames not included. Why use black foundation ? Bees can see colours. ( except red ) Right through to ultra violet , that we can’t see.

Order now as numbers for first shipment are limited. I am the only Australian distributer. Not available in Australia elsewhere. Only manufactured by one company that have a Patent on it.

For large orders 5000 + units we offer a door to door shipping service to anywhere in Australia. We will arrange supply , freight from China, Customs clear , wharf offload and delivery to you.

For that quantity we can supply in Manley, Ideal , W.S.P. , Half Depth , as well of course Full Depth Langstroth.

Any colour you want. Just tell us what Pantone™ colour you want it in. That isn’t a price variable , it is the same price for whatever colour you want. Pantone™ link

Please email me direct and I will promptly get back to you.

Regards Gordon 0416 348566



Suggestion….put sample amount, say 4 foundation in supers box at same time as the foundation you are using now. Record date and supers box number. Periodically inspect. Note date/s when frames are ready for extraction. When extracting do different foundation in different batches and  record kg of honey obtained. Compare results re time / honey quantity.