I am pleased to advise that I am the sole distributer of this quality product for W.A. and S.A. Tried and tested on the East coast and U.S.A.

Genuine Beetle Buster base board for 8 and 10 frame brood. 4 or 5 Nuc.

Comes with plastic pollen trap.

Although I sell the traps separately the Beetle Buster only comes with the pollen trap.

Price depends on how many you need and freight.  From $ 175 ea.

Small Hive Beetle experts agree will come to W.A. it’s only a matter of time. Small Hive Beetle is prolific in the Eastern States and it’s entry , when we don’t know , will occur through importation of infected fruit, possibly cantaloupes (rock melon).

The question is do you want to wait for it or are you going to get ready now ?

Here is a vid which explains further.


Description of Small Hive Beetle. The adults are broad, flattened beetles, about 5-7 millimetres long, and are dark brown to nearly black.
The larvae are elongated, whitish grubs, which can be seen to have rows of spines on the back when viewed under magnification.
Adults and larvae inhabit bee hives where they feed on stored pollen and honey. The burrowing beetles damage combs and kill the brood. As the infestation grows, the honey ferments and bubbles out of the cells, smelling like decaying oranges.
Honey supers removed and stored by the beekeepers can also be infested during storage, prior to the honey being extracted.
Bees abandon heavily infested hives but the larvae continue to feed on the honey. The larvae pupate in the ground and this makes control of the small hive beetle difficult. Feral bee colonies can also become infested.



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