Beeswax Foundation Machine.


Beeswax Foundation Machine.

420 x 220 mm.

Wouldn’t you like to make your own beeswax foundation really easily ?

Pour heated beeswax on to the plate and close the lid. Let set for a minute , open lid and prise the beeswax sheet free. Easy to do. Trim to whatever size you want, Full depth, Manley, Half Frame, W.S.P. or Ideal. The trimmings you put back into your beeswax pot for reuse.

Beeswax foundation machine cell size is 5.4 mm for Apis Mellifera. ( Australian )

Requires no electricity. Hinges are heavy duty. Will last for years.

$899   Pick up available Forrestfield W.A.

Retail prices eBay with Chinese are $ 1192, $ 1175, $ 1165. Deal with me and I promise you I will deliver the goods. As always.

Great way to reuse your beeswax. Great way to save on retail cost of foundation sheets. Not just now , but year after year. You do the math.