Takes all frame sizes , full depth Langstroth , Manley , W.S.P. , Ideal , Half Depth. Plastic or timber frames.

100 %  food grade 304 stainless steel. This will not rust even if left in the elements.

Very easy to clean. No messy clean up of rollers , chains ,  cutting knives etc.

Uncap frames in seconds. Uncap hundreds per hour. So why do you need huge machinery that at some stage will break down ??

This is very cost efficient. Low purchase price, fast uncapping and no breakdown or maintenance cost, no energy cost.

Simply run the bee frame down the edges. The triangle slices off the wax cappings back to the timber neatly. Frame is now ready for extractor.

Requires no electricity or steam. No extension cords. Cost free running.

No moving parts. Nothing to break, this will last 100 + years. No need for resharpening of blades. The triangle cutter will not wear , can’t be damaged.

Uncap in the field , uncap in the garage , uncap in the factory. Uncap anywhere. Totally portable , weighs only 13.5 kg.

No burnt honey / wax. Lightweight so easy to tip up and pour residue from tray through sieve.

Suits the smallest hobbyist through to the large commercial operator.

Why not combine this uncapper , with the honey tanks we have that have 18 # and 25 # grade mesh with 4 or 6 frame electric honey extractor. The perfect set up.


Special introductory offer.

$449 Freight included anywhere in Aust ( exc. N.T. )

Pick up Forrestfield W.A. Yes same price.

Order 5 and only pay for 4 !!


Order online or ring Gordon 0416 348566


Refer to the video below to see how fast and easy this uncapper is to use. First time used.



All honey and wax was removed back to frame by the beekeeping manual uncapper.

First 2 pics show extent. Last pic shows side of frame with honey and wax removed.